• Acquire skills and tools to apply lean and parallel improve cost, quality and service in a warehousing context
  • Learn to manage performance for continuous improvement and long-term sustainability
  • Build capabilities to act as a change agent in a large scale warehousing transformation influencing mindsets and behaviors.

Your capability building journey

Starting from a non-optimized setup including waste and inefficiencies, you will learn to optimize the warehouse of an automotive spare parts player.

  • The simulation includes pick, pack and dispatch processes in a real-life environment
  • The journey starts with increasing productivity applying different lean tools (e.g., spaghetti diagrams, activity) and continues with improving quality (e.g., 5s, standardization)
  • In parallel you experience performance measurement and management in a warehousing context
  • You learn the methods to influence mindsets and behaviors and structure large scale warehouse transformation.

Warehousing experts will share their knowledge with you in  lean warehousing and provide individual coaching for you to quickly identify how to transfer your new skills to your company.