How can an understanding of transaction-based pricing build B2B commercial capability to enhance the performance of your business? 

As they immerse themselves in the role of pricing manager for a simulated organization, participants gain new insights as they learn how to better design and execute B2B pricing strategies based on pricing excellence best practices.

Transaction-based pricing is one of four complementary topics that enable participants to embark on an experiential capability-building journey into managing pricing and sales—see also: Value-based pricing; Sales management; and Marketing-enabled growth.

Across the four complementary topics, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Explore pricing levers and practice different methodologies to learn how to select the best fit for a specific business objective 
  • Explore sales management and marketing-enabled growth strategies that lead to improved top- and bottom-line performance
  • Learn how to manage a sales organization effectively, including setting and tracking sales targets
  • Discover how to use specific marketing tools and strategies to enable top-line growth at your company.

Your capability-building journey

Participants are guided through a set of simulations, taking the opportunity to explore pricing processes in a virtual B2B company environment. They experience real-life challenges around how to design pricing strategies for improved pricing power and higher margins.