How do we tackle supply chain challenges in a volatile world? Participants in the supply chain management program will learn how to: cope with demand and supply uncertainty; how to build and optimize the supply chain organization; and which supply chain planning and control strategies to employ.

You will also understand the soft side of the supply chain, discussing transformation approaches that can help you achieve both short-term impact and long-term sustainability.

Participants will:

  • Develop sustainable capabilities to manage the global supply chain and reach excellence in integrated operations
  • Upgrade your knowledge with the latest thinking and industry-specific insights
  • Think about how to leverage supply chain management as a strategic enabler
  • Immediately apply content to improve your company’s performance.

Your capability-building journey

A comprehensively structured program enables you to use real-life cases to discuss supply chain concepts and current trends, and how best to apply those to your company.

By applying theoretical concepts in realistic environments you are able to experience the effects of your decisions:

  • Operate a control tower in a virtual company and see immediate results from your decisions.
  • Take part in role-plays, games, and simulations to learn how to overcome functional silos, manage friction in a notional planning team, and move toward cross-functional collaboration.
  • Try out lean warehousing techniques in our model warehouse.
  • Benefit from individual coaching to learn how to apply best practices in your own company.