• Learn the full strategy method that involves 7 steps – Frame, Diagnose, Forecast, Search, Choose, Commit and Evolve
  • The Finance foundation workshops help build basic finance acumen and value mindset across management levels
  • Get Perspectives and drivers for value creation
  • Build understanding of Return on invested capital (ROIC) and its drivers for a dummy retail case example and identifying potential improvement areas
  • Understand the basic components of working capital and potential levers for each through case examples
  • Learn Corporate Financial analysis by calculating various ratios to evaluate the financial health of a company. Also learn how to evaluate two capital investment proposals to identify the most value creating project.

Your capability building journey

  • Participants experience the full strategy journey where they simulate the full strategy creation process and get pushed to arrive at a day 1 view on their strategic challenge and potential strategy to address it
  • Participants work “live” on a current strategy issue they are facing, and work step-by-step through the McKinsey Strategy Method
  • Learn through combination of plenary sessions, group discussions and real-life case examples.