Building leadership and behavioral skills to enable a mindset change from “buying” towards “spend entrepreneurship” is a key objective of this sourcing program. An experiential learning journey brings new insights into managing people and processes for enhanced performance.

It will enable you to assess your team’s sourcing strengths and weaknesses; undergo a specially designed, customized training program to address specific development needs; and develop both functional and leadership skills to prepare for a sourcing transformation.

Participants will:

  • Experience sourcing as a set of tangible processes, bringing to life the best practices that reduce costs and improve purchasing leverage
  • Create awareness of individual and team capabilities that enable functional sourcing performance
  • Develop both functional and leadership skills to prepare for a sourcing transformation

Your capability-building journey

Starting with assessment of individual and organizational capabilities, participants experience a field-and-forum skill development journey designed to address specific needs.

During this end-to-end, fully tailored capability-building program, participants move through a set of workshops to develop the core sourcing competencies, including:

  • how to develop a rigorous fact base to analyze sourcing spend, identify waste and reduce it, and capture savings
  • understanding supply market dynamics that shape both costs and purchasing approach
  • tools and techniques to develop sourcing strategies per category and negotiate favorable terms with suppliers
  • tracking and management of performance