• Strengthen and develop key leadership skills for motivating one's workforce and actively manage the performance of all workers
  • Explore success factors of transformations and learn how to sustain implementation across the organization for long term value enhancement
  • Simplify and resolve day-to-day/project challenges that typically arise in managing a diverse group of people
  • Transfer experiences to participants‘ current leadership challenges so as to anchor the learnings in the real life situation of participants.

Your capability building journey

Our sessions take you through different learning techniques to develop the leadership capabilities in the individual and the team, for program and/or daily business management.

  • Participate in workshops that balance self-reflection, pair-work, small group and plenary discussions
  • Learn how to change modalities to maintain energy and focus
  • Practice new leadership skills and behaviors in immersive environments and simulations

The three types of workshops develop leadership competencies for various needs:

  • Centered leadership - turn conventional leadership development on its head, and feel a powerful 'leadership engine'
  • Implementation leadership - practice to initiate and deliver the transformation, accompanied by building HR capabilities
  • Leadership bootcamp - problem-solving and communication toolkits to simplify and resolve day-to-day challenges; explore different mindsets in realistic, yet risk-free settings, e.g., shop-floor/customer environments or board meetings.