Learn about the innovations and trends that will reshape supply chains over the next decade, such as:

  • Automation in the warehouse. Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), augmented reality, cycle counting drones, and more
  • Dynamic network and routing optimization (and the drive towards automated/continuous re-planning)
  • Real-time cascading performance management, and automated root cause analysis
  • Collaborative and real-time S&OP and planning solution
  • Advanced analytics in forecasting/demand planning, and the journey towards ‘lights-out’ planning

Your capability building journey

Spend time with our expert faculty who can help you think through the challenges awaiting your supply chain:

Driving successful digital transformation

  •  Rapidly (and continuously) evaluating your organization for digital supply chain threats, risks, and opportunities
  • Understanding the available use cases, and separating ‘hype’ from reality
  • Pushing digital innovation to the shop floor, and making it stick

Creating a culture of continuous digital innovation

  • Restructuring your Supply Chain organization with the right roles and capabilities for the future
  • Creating an environment to attract and retain the new breed of knowledge workers

Rethinking performance management in an age of digital overload, identifying the metrics that truly matter, and integrating real-time data into decision making