Learn about key applications of digital manufacturing that create most impact, such as:

  • digital diagnosis to identify best solution areas
  • advanced manufacturing analytics like predictive maintenance, energy efficiency and yield optimization, manufacturing process, quality and productivity
  • digital plant management tools such as data collection and storage (e.g., sensors), digital information flow and management, augmented reality
  • robotics and automation
  • advanced manufacturing technologies (e.g., 3D print)
  • elements of digital performance management (e.g., digital production system, performance management)

Your capability building journey

Starting from a lean optimized but digital non-optimized  setup you will learn to optimize a real manufacturing process by actively:

  • applying our impact driven diagnosis approach, identifying the areas for digital improvements
  • elaborating the applicable use cases
  • understand the requirements to build up the digital threat
  • define the elements for digital empowered performance management and real time performance control

Our lean and digital manufacturing experts will share their knowledge with you and provide individual coaching  to relate the new skills to your own company’s environment.

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