There’s no doubt about the importance of capability building. Half of C-suite executives say it’s one of their organizations’ top three priorities. But there’s plenty of hesitation about how best to build capabilities. Only 25% of executives think they are “very effective” in preparing employees to drive business performance. Building new capabilities is never easy. But it’s a crucial capability in its own right – because in today’s volatile, customer-led world, new capabilities are needed more than ever.

That’s where McKinsey’s unique Model Factory in a Box (MFIB) comes in. It’s a way of learning by doing, which can be brought to a site of your choice.

What it is

  • a portable, table top model factory that actually produces a product (lemonade)
  • participants play the role of operators
  • delivered in a series of modules where participants experience the frustration of a bad current state, and then are guided through a series of hands on exercises to improve the production system

How it works

  • rapidly transfers knowledge and skills through “learning by doing”
  • enables all of your participants – operators or executives – to step outside of the day-to-day work environment but use familiar workstations and standard fixtures and fittings
  • replicates all of the operations of your new plant – actually producing real products
  • demonstrates how small changes to production can deliver big impact

What it can do

  • Help you build capabilities fast - your teams learn quickly by seeing the effects of small system improvements, and by understanding what doesn’t work and why
  • Showcase tools and technologies - not only do your teams learn about everything from basic lean awareness to advanced digital tools such as predictive maintenance and advanced analytics, but they get extensive hands-on practice with them
  • Motivate your teams to change - by seeing the big gap between an ineffective “as is” factory and a highly effective “to be” system, your teams quickly see what needs to be done to improve the bottom line, and are inspired to push for those improvements

Who it is for

  • the Model Factory in a Box works for all levels – from plant floor to boardroom
  • not only does it provide an ideal environment for your current production employees to learn new skills, but it can expose your most senior executives to the realities of the decisions that your operators and engineers have to make every day

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