McKinsey in partnership with the Ural Federal University and OMZ group launched the first capability center for innovative education in lean management in 2016.

The Model Lean Factory (MLF) offers systematic training programs in lean management, transformation management and performance improvements. It focuses on lean techniques, lean management, and the application of lean principles in quality and maintenance for both heavy and service industries.

Lean techniques and lean management for industrial companies

During training at the MLF, participants will learn to apply lean principles to assembly and manufacturing processes, producing a real pneumatic cylinder.

The production process will start with the intake of raw materials, continue through assembly and manufacturing, and end with quality testing and packaging. Since various types of machines are involved, participants can apply lean tools and techniques - from VSM to SMED to OEE to maintenance efficiency - in different situations and observe the results of their efforts first-hand.

Thus, companies from metals and mining, heavy machinery and other industries can use the line to train their staff on lean processes.

MLF Yekaterinburg production line

Lean Model Office

For non-manufacturing companies, the MLF will offer a simulated office environment – with typical operations of a bank's front- and back-office – allowing participants to apply lean methodology in numerous industries and functions.

MLF Yekaterinburg Model Office


All trainings are customized for the needs of our clients depending on what their goals are and where they are in the transformation process. We also offer different courses depending on the level of seniority and depth of lean experience of our clients.

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