The McKinsey Capability Center in Atlanta opened in late 2011 to provide training programs where individuals can improve their skills and learn by doing in a safe and trusting environment. Focusing on operational excellence and grounded in lean principles, topics offered include: lean manufacturing, service operations, resource productivity, and warehousing.

The 12,000 square foot facility includes: a tea brewing line, a continuous-flow production line for bottling water, a discrete-process assembly line for pneumatic cylinders, an order processing office, and a warehouse. 
As a continuous improvement facility, the MCC Atlanta has a high performing team of operators who not only operate the production lines, but also role models a lean and continuous improvement culture.

Lean Manufacturing

Learn lean principles in the classroom then immediately apply them in practice in a real production environment

Whether just getting started on a transformation or looking for the next step change in continuous improvement, we have a number of hands-on exercises to help organizations advance their lean journey. Learning modules include: Learning to see waste, root cause problem solving, overall equipment effectiveness, improving labor productivity, and performance dialogues among others.

Cylinder line

Using one or more of our three production environments, participants have the opportunity to not only be exposed to new skills but to also practice and get feedback on them. Our environments were designed to expose participants initially to a “current state” situation ripe with opportunity; allow for improvement suggestions from participants; and culminate with the sharing of a rather advanced “future state” that shows what a truly mature operation looks like.

Resource productivity

Learn resource saving principles and practice applying the tools in a tea brewing facility

Learn how to diagnose resource waste (energy, water, and materials) with specially developed McKinsey tools while producing a real product (brewed tea). Learning modules include: loss bridge and theoretical limit, load curve, and cost curve among others.

tea line

Service Operations

Apply lean principles to a service operations environment

The “Model Office” provides participants the opportunity to act as frontline employees in the lean transformation of Peachtree Company's order-processing unit. As part of this order-processing center, participants will complete common activities such as touring the processing center, handling numerous customer orders under time pressure, and participating in team meetings. As they progress through training, participants will discuss their experiences, jointly solve problems, implement solutions, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

                   service operations


Lean warehousing principles applied in practice

The “Model Warehouse” provides participants the opportunity to act as frontline employees in the lean transformation of a warehouse. As part o this warehouse team, participants will use real equipment to pick and pack parts from the warehouse. Others will observe and collect date to track performance during the hands-on sessions and support subsequent root cause analysis.

model warehouse


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