McKinsey's Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Venice opened its doors in June 2011, offering capability building programs that empower manufacturing and service companies to successfully realize lean and digital transformations. DCC Venice is a joint venture between McKinsey and Confindustria, the leading organization representing 150,000 manufacturing and service companies in Italy.

DCC Venice has a strong focus on innovation and flexibility: it was one of the first centers to provide digital awareness training and is always working to upgrade its offering, thanks in part to partnerships with several ICT companies and institutions.

End-to-end lean methodology: from production to business support functions

Initially the DCC focused on lean production, aiming to instill in participants the expertise needed to achieve operational excellence by way of a real production line for compressors used in household appliances. The line has areas for machine operations (such as milling, sawing, and cutting), discrete assembly and quality testing, and is run by operators who behave in different ways in the current, intermediate, and future states. Part of the learning experience involves exploring how to influence mindsets and behaviors during a transformation and create a culture of continuous improvement. The operators actually provide individual feedback on this skill.

lean manufacturing

To give participants an end-to-end experience of a lean transformation journey, the DCC Venice has expanded its real training environment to include offices (e.g., order processing center) and quality departments (e.g., quality control lab and quality assurance). This brings in the element of cross-functional interactions and dependencies.

Our model offices also give banks, insurance companies, and public administrations the opportunity to train employees to identify sources of waste, implement and test improvement ideas, calculate the resulting savings, and sustain those results through relevant outcomes: a mortgage approval, claims handling, and an authorization process, respectively.

Driving digital transformations

Disruptive technologies are a game-changer across the entire value chain in every sector. So DCC Venice has seized the opportunity to enhance its existing manufacturing process and introduce deep insights into digital transformation. Participants experience every stage of the digital journey – from the digital waste walk to the implementation of several digital use cases, including smart performance management, predictive maintenance, digital quality management, and man-machine collaboration.

digital manufacturing

Extracting value from design-to-value and teardowns

DCC Venice has a corner dedicated to training participants in the design-to-value approach. It also guides them in tearing down their own products and those of their competitors to capture additional value through small-scale material and production cost savings (e.g., target cost analysis) and premium pricing (e.g., benchmarking, best-in-class).

tear down

Our model factory lets you:

  • Explore the concepts of lean and digital in an experimental leaning environment
  • Build lasting capabilities in your management team
  • Test your digital use case in a flexible environment that can simulate real stress scenarios
  • Tear down your own products and those of your competitors, and apply design-to-value drivers to create value for your product and your clients

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By car

Halfway between Udine and Pordenone along the Pontebbana highway, it can be approached:

From the A4 motorway, Portogruaro exit, take the A28 motorway and exit at Villotta, then proceed towards San Vito (13 Km);

From the A28 motorway heading towards Portogruaro, take the Villotta exit;

From Casarsa della Delizia (PN) railway station, 5 Km towards Udine

Public transports


Casarsa station (10 mins by car/taxi to DCC)

Pordenone station (20 mins by car/taxi to DCC)


The San Marco Venice Airport is 83 km away from DCC (around 50/60 min by car/taxi, depending on the traffic).

The Ronchi dei Legionari Trieste Airport is 70 km away from DCC (around 50/60 min by car/taxi, depending on the traffic).


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