Launched for clients in April 2017, the Digital Capability Center (DCC) Singapore is an innovative capability building facility created by McKinsey & Company and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center (ARTC).

DCC Singapore will serve as a key hub in South-East Asia for delivering capability building in a real-life demonstration and learning environment, as well as a test base for piloting and scaling up new digital solutions. 

Showcasing digitization along the value chain

Physical showcase based on a simulation of the end-to-end digital thread of a mid-size gearbox OEM company to demonstrate how key industry 4.0 themes are being applied across the gearbox line. This spans a range of themes including predictive maintenance, 3D printing, the use of augmented reality in maintenance operations and human robot collaboration. You will also learn how these technologies can apply outside of the gearbox company example and to your own industry.

Digitization along the value chain

An innovative capability building facility

Capability center for experiential learning on the transformation from Lean to Industry 4.0, based on 24 themes which span technology and processes, performance management and mindsets and behaviors. Learning modules will be developed and delivered at the DCC Singapore for key themes, and this is done in line with showcase upgrades on the physical line between now and Q1 2018.

Innovating capability building

A test bed for piloting and scaling up new digital solutions 

Safe test beds for piloting industry 4.0 technologies on a real-life example. Before running a pilot, the DCC can provide a safe testbed for the technology to be implemented to allow for testing of specific solutions.

test bed for new digital solutions

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