The Digital Capability Center (DCC) Chicago is an innovative experiential learning facility founded by McKinsey in partnership with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). It immerses organizations in the impact of digital manufacturing and provides capability building across the full value chain on digital capabilities that drive bottom-line impact.

The center is a hands-on, risk-free learning environment where you will:

  • Understand how to start, scale and sustain your digital journey by leveraging the McKinsey digital blueprint
  • Interact with cutting edge technologies in an authentic production environment
  • Build capabilities at every level of your organization through tailored workshops
  • Explore 20+ experiential learning modules and leverage deep expertise to identify the technologies that are critical for your business
  • Access an ecosystem of 50+ technology partners providing innovative solutions across the value chain

DCC Chicago

Experience what a digital transformation looks like on a real production line 

The center brings digital manufacturing to life through a functioning production line that makes a real-world product – refrigerator compressors.  You will experience the transformation of the line from its non-digital, lean “current state” to a higher-performing, digitally-transformed “future state.” In the future state, you will discover how information and operating technologies (IT and OT) interact with one another to deliver measurable impact across productivity, quality, and cost.  


An innovative capability building facility

DCC Chicago helps you solve real-life production challenges and experiment with new digital technologies. You are immersed in an ideal setting for adult learning – interactive, and offering freedom to experiment without concern for impacting ongoing operations.  You can experience the entire transformation in an accelerated one-day workshop, tailored to where you are in your digital journey and to different levels in your organization. We also offer longer and deeper training formats for change leaders or digital production experts.  


Enabling a holistic transformation: beyond technology

Managing cultural change is a critical success factor in transformations and digital transformations are no exception. The DCC offers the opportunity to interact with operators on our production line and identify strategies to positively influence mindsets and behaviors. 


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