Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen was founded by McKinsey & Company and ITA Academy GmbH as a joint partnership with PTC and leading technology providers. The center will serve as a hub for delivering capability building in a real-life demonstration and learning environment, as well as a test base for piloting and scaling up new digital solutions.

DCC Aachen features a realistic factory environment, an end-to-end value chain from order to delivery for the manufacture of a smart, customized wristband. Participants can design their individual wristband at home with our app and see during the workshop their wristband produced in real time.

Real product: customized wristbands

In the DCC Aachen we produce smart, customized wristbands with RFID technology in a real production line with large range of applications.

Aachen production line

To support our experiential capability building approach, the line can be converted from "current state" to "future state". The current state process serves as a realistic model of good practices and is used to train participants in applying and optimizing the methods and tools required to realize a digital transformation. The future state process is used to showcase the potential of state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 applications.

Our digital applications that you can test drive on the spot

  • Augmented reality (AR) assistance for maintenance technicians. Cut time-to-repair, reduce skill variability between technicians, and improve machine reliability
  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV) for logistics. Improve labor productivity and reduce picking errors with a robot that picks boxes in the supermarket and brings them to the production station.
  • Adaptive workstations. Decrease ergonomic risks, shorten cycle time, and improve productivity with automatic adjustment of workstations to fit operator ergonomics and the next work order (e.g., setup, warmup, parameter adjustment)
  • State-of-the-art applications with the most effective digital technologies. Application around Condition monitoring, Digital Assistant System, Digital Performance management etc enhance Productivity, Delivery and Qualityx.

In our proven model factory environment start gaining in-depth experience and build effective capabilities at each stage of  a digital transformation

  • Comprehensive diagnostic. You will experience how to identify sources of value through current performance baselining, assess key network infrastructure and security gaps, diagnose gaps in data capture and use, and identify key improvement areas and promising solutions.       
  • End-to-end roadmap and business case. You will learn how to define a future-state vision and targets, create a roadmap of initiatives, flesh out your business case to create a self-funding program, and define an organizational model that supports the transformation.         
  • Value capture and integrated digital transformation. You will explore the best ways to implement new solutions and systems, design new processes to lock in value capture, set up new capability training at the management and front-line levels, track progress, and introduce structural changes leading to value capture.                                                             

The DCC Aachen is a training ground for industry, academic and government professionals at all management levels

  • Exposes senior executives to the scope of digital manufacturing to help them shaping their digital transformation.
  • Provides realistic, high level experiential training to change agents to master their digital transformation.
  • Offers opportunities to learn about innovative digital solutions and technologies.

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