Opened in 2015 and located in Salvador-Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil, BMF provides Lean Manufacturing training programs to clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to large multinationals. McKinsey&Company and SENAI (Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial) have partnered to build a fully functional factory with real products, operators, machines and a realistic performance management system. 

As the first McKinsey Capability Center in the Southern Hemisphere, the Brazil Model Factory (BMF) was created to face Latin America’s greatest challenge to economic growth: stagnant productivity growth.

Experimental learning environment

Cognitive studies show that “learning by doing” is the best method for teaching adults. A combination of theory and practice is proven to increase long-term retention up to 80-100%. BMF offers comrehensive learning programs, which include both in-class theory and practice hands-on exercises, using the Model Factory facility as support. In addition to teaching world-class Lean tools and methodologies, BMF explores performance management and shifting mindset and behaviors.

A typical training would start with “present state” that shows the production of a real pneumatic cylinder in a non-optimized way. 

During the training, participants learn how to reduce waste, map processes, solve problems and increase efficiency.
Gradually, the factory evolves to the “future state”: a nearly optimized state, with less space, less human effort and less resources.

BMF Salvador

Customized lean training programs for companies from all sectors

BMF offers a wide range of customized training programs, which can range from one day to several months, to better fulfill participants' needs.

The program is recommended for all levels of the organization, from senior executives, to experienced managers and front line operators. In addition, due to extensive set of training modules, we can develop customized workshops, tailored to client’s demand.

Our methodology can be applied in all sectors, including automotive, food and beverage, electronics, chemicals and textile, and service industries.

BMF inspires and enables clients to achieve lasting performance with breakthrough achievements. 

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