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Building Capabilities to Transform Your Business


Productivity Lab for Lean Production and Services

The Productivity Lab for Lean Production and Services, established in partnership with Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic, is a real-life production environment that helps companies in a range of sectors build the technical and managerial skills to achieve and sustain operational excellence. >>>read the whole story


Model Lean Factory in Russia opens its doors to clients

McKinsey in partnership with the Ural Federal University and OMZ group launched the Model Lean Factory (MLF), the first in Russia capability center for innovative education in lean management. MLF offers training programs with classroom theory courses and practice exercises on lean tools and techniques in a production environment. The site features a fully equipped shop floor and a dedicated service center area enabling simulation of  back-office operations, bank branches, and other service-related areas. >>>learn more about the factory


Digital use cases available now in McKinsey's model factories

Industry 4.0 and digitization are top priorities for our clients, which is why we have recently enhanced our model factories to provide a deeper insight into how digital can boost lean methodology and how to adapt business models to capture shifting value pools. >>>read the whole story