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McKinsey Capability Center Network

Every corporate transformation begins ambitiously, with leaders setting aggressive goals and predicting big improvements. But the results often fall far short of expectations: almost two-thirds of transformations fail, and only one in ten companies sustains cost improvements after four years.
Capability building is a key factor for successful transformations as it leads to lasting improvements that can be scaled to the entire organization in an intelligent way.
McKinsey's global network of Capability Centers helps our clients to achieve necessary improvements in their performance.

Our hands-on, experiential learning programs tackle the roots of skill-related hurdles most transformations face as we enable our clients to

  • apply new capabilities directly
  • accelerate the rollout of transformations
  • sustain performance improvements.

Our programs are appropriate for companies in almost every industry and across all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to the shop floor. We can create customized solutions for a broad range of functional and industry-specific topics, from product development all the way through to service operations.

Our capability building journey

Unlike traditional corporate training programs, McKinsey Capability Centers create opportunities for experiential learning – people actively practicing skills, rather than sitting in a classroom. Participants spend more than 80 percent of their time in realistic work settings, including those that mimic factories, offices, or even a real-life call center. They tackle real-time challenges similar to those that occur in the field, such as long changeover times on production lines or excessive wait times at call centers. Participants collaborate to solve problems, sometimes implementing multiple strategies. By creating a safe environment for experimentation, the training atmosphere encourages teams to propose bold, innovative solutions that they might hesitate to suggest in the field.

Classrooms have been replaced by real working environments and contexts, and case studies make way for actual products and services.

Sustainable and scalable performance improvements

Each learning experience is customized to address your organization's performance challenges and prepare you to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

Cognitive research has consistently shown that "learning by doing" is the best method for teaching adults, and our results strongly support this belief. Three months after attending a McKinsey Capability Center program, participants' recall rates are seven times higher than those observed following traditional lectures or discussions. For various clients, our programs have produced improvements of more than 50 percent on metrics such as productivity, working-capital utilization, and quality. After training, participants help accelerate transformation rollouts by transferring their newly built capabilities to their peers and applying their skills throughout the organization. In addition to supporting sustainable performance improvements, their efforts will promote culture change.

Experience our global network of Capability Centers

We are currently running fifteen Capability Centers worldwide, located in China, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, and Brazil. Although each location has a few unique features and focus areas, they all follow the same experiential learning philosophy, allowing us to provide a global, unified approach to capability building. We can also deliver all of our training programs at any client site.
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